In Studio or Hybrid Lessons


Dr. Amelia Yates

Piano Instructor

Dr. Yates aims to foster confident pianists. She empowers students by helping them gain the skills and self confidence needed to partake in music independently for a lifetime. The development of critical thinking and a growth mindset are at the foundation of every lesson and she also strives to instill in students the interest, practice skills, hope, and passion it takes to learn and achieve life goals. Lesson plans are crafted for each student that encourage regular progression and enjoyment of music. Furthermore, as a warm demander, Dr. Yates encourages her students to strive for excellence while supporting them with kindness, compassion, and understanding.



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Lessons are taught in-person at the studio or through a hybrid approach combining online and studio lessons.

Areas served:

Stoney Creek
and beyond

AGYPiano Student Highlights

"I love having lessons with Dr. Yates because she is an amazing teacher and is really kind and encouraging. Piano lessons are always fun and I am proud of how much I have learned. I love the composition projects we do and sharing music with others at recitals, masterclasses and festivals!"

– Maddie, Student

"Dr. Yates is an exceptional pianist and outstanding educator! She is a wonderful mentor and role model for our daughter who has developed a love of music and piano. Her enthusiasm, warmth and thoughtful, tailored approach to each student make lessons engaging and fun! Our daughter is excited for every lesson and we are so grateful to have found such a professional, dedicated teacher who helps her students to achieve their goals, become well-rounded musicians and to shine!"

– Sharon, Parent

"Over the years that I have spent studying piano with Dr. Yates, I have not only learned to play the piano, but also have learned many other skills such as professionalism and responsibility over my commitments. The AGYPiano Studio is always welcoming, and provides extended opportunities to students, including masterclasses, performances/recitals and competitions. Lessons are very enjoyable, and I have learned so much from Dr. Yates over the course of my piano journey."

-Andrea, Student

"Being a part of the AGY Piano Studio has really made a positive impact on my piano playing and experience with music in general. Now I look forward to practicing every day. With plenty of opportunities such as performances, masterclasses and competitions, the supportive environment of the studio makes a welcoming environment for every piano student regardless of where they are in the learning journey."

– Sophie, Student

"Amelia is organized, patient, enthusiastic, and genuinely cares how her students do. I feel very luck to have found Amelia as my piano teacher!"

– Jamie, Adult Learner

“Dr. Yates has a very well-rounded musical education program. Students have the opportunity to explore the different elements of being a musician. Each student is treated as a musician and is encouraged to think of themselves as such. Dr. Yates is very considerate of student's emotional needs and has fair and clear expectations for them.”

– Sonia, Parent

“I always enjoy Dr. Yates’s amazing teaching. She teaches with professionalism and great passion. LOVE IT!!!”

– Yan, Parent

“James is very lucky to have found Dr. Yates."

– Andrew, Parent